the Poop challenge: how to annoy your children!

I believe parents have been particularly affected during this pandemic. Indeed, the parents have developed a disgusting way to make us laugh: by making them believe that they have been smeared with poop.

Parents lose their minds by having children at home during coronavirus Dubbed the “poop challenge,” the viral farce involves various COVIDIOTs asking their children to bring them toilet paper while they are on the throne.

When their offspring give them this roll, they smear them with fake poop (made from chocolate or peanut butter,) and upload their stunned reactions on social networks to get clicks.

Yes, these parents make the fruit of their pulpits the target of the joke.

“What is it, is poop?” screams a horrified young man after his mother wiped fake feces on her arm in one of the most humiliating Twitter videos of the farce. He then frantically tries to rub the poop on the wall while shouting hysterically, before alerting his twin brother to stay away so that he does not suffer the same fate.

A hashtag was invented for the occasion: #poopchallenge Oh we let you go watch all the videos, because yesiii the list is long and we can not share everything with you. However we give you a small anthology below of those that we liked a lot!

In the most disturbing video, which currently has more than 14.1 million views, a mother asks her daughter if she is angry after brushing him. “I’m not always angry with you,” the understanding girl replies, washing her hands.

However, it is not only children who fall prey to the scatological gag. This clip shows a girl pulling the poop prank on her mother, much to her grief.

And if that wasn’t horrible enough, how about that heartbreaking homemade video of a little girl smeared breaking down in tears after her laughing aunt told her, “You have poop on your arm.”

While the stunt has indeed sparked a lot of laughter on social media, more conscientious commentators aren’t thrilled with the idea that people are using young people to feed Twitter – even to ward off the boredom induced by these lockdowns.

“So funny to taunt and laugh and make a little child cry. A way to build trust during their formative years,” said a critic of the operating cascade.

“This is the time when she will hate you for life,” said another.

How about you? What do you think?

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