Derivatives around poop!

As you can imagine, there is a phenomenal amount of derived products around poop around poop. We’re not going to be able to list them all of you huh! But we made a small selection, some that we like here!

Books around poop

what poop is all about
coloring poop

Cushions and soft toys

All cute right!?

poop cushion
poop cushion

Our favorites

The slippers look super comfortable and the costumes completely WTF! Here it made us laugh! So well! We wanted to let you know!

poop slipper
disguise poop

The really useful (or not)

If you remember the unicorn poop video, you absolutely must see it! From then on you will better understand why we need this foot walk! And for the pshiiit pshiiit, it is so that we make poops that smell like lemon 😮 We are also takers of your feedback huh!

foot rest to poop
anti-odor poop

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