The different poop

You will find on this page the different poop that can be made either :p DIY ahahah. In reality there are probably plenty of others huh! I will update them as you offer me 🙂

The perfect: It’s in the bowl but nothing on the paper!

The interminable: I wipe, again, again, again, again, … There is still some left on paper.

The screw-up: you didn’t think it would happen when you just let go of a prout. You may squeeze the loaves it’s too late.

The GOST: You put it well but it is neither in the bowl nor on the paper.

The day after the party, poop whips: hints of gyn, vodka, lacquered, you are roof even asphyxiated.

I’ll eat more fish:You feel a kind of bone (although you’re not puffed with fish) gently going down the bowels.

The splash: She splashes your buttocks as she falls … had you pissed before?

Anaconda: So huge that it impresses you!

The rabbit: The little droppings in balls, I did not eat carrots.

The poop II, the return: you’re done, when you pull up your pants, you realize that you have to shit a little more.

The drop of sweat: it’s the one that makes you force so hard that you’re afraid of a heart attack

The raft: It is the one that floats eternally

The “come here crazy camp”: the one for whom we can hunt and … it’s still there!

In the List of your poop section you will be able to observe everything that our users have shared, otherwise, share yours here 🙂

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